Never wonder how strong your cannabis is ever again

Discover how tCheck makes it easy to determine the potency of your edibles, dried flower, and more.
Personalized, portable live potency testing.

Select your infusion, flower, or concentrate and determine potency and dominant cannabinoid in under 6 mins.

Olive Oil

Coconut Oil



Bud & Trim


Cannabis tester for infusions

Collect live readings of your sample* in minutes using the tCheck and your phone. Test isolate infused olive oil, coconut oil, alcohol, or butter for THC, THCa, or CBD.

*Hemp oil and CBD in butter are not supported

Expansion kit for flower and concentrate testing

Properly test flower and concentrate potency using a tCheck and these components. Each item included has been carefully selected to ensure the highest level of testing accuracy with tCheck.

Move fast.

60 seconds to test cannabis infusions. 5 minutes to test flower and concentrates.

Spare your wallet.

Knowledge shouldn’t be expensive, tCheck is an affordable solution.

Start testing in mins.

Designed for everyone, tCheck is easy to get up and running.

Everything you need to test infusions for $279.99
Add the ability to test flower and concentrate for a total of $459.99.

For every cannabis professional

Edible Makers

Avoid any edible misadventures by knowing the potency before you dine.

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Harvest your crop, and know what it’s worth by getting the percentage before you sell.

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Whether you make your own, or buy white label cannabis oil, verify your final product.

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Collect live readings of your cannabis sample in minutes using the tCheck and your phone. Test infused olive oil, coconut oil, alcohol, butter, flower, or concentrate from anywhere.